Joseph Steinke

Artist, Teacher, Spiritual Father, Pioneer.

Joe & Angie

Meet Joe

Joe Steinke is happily married to Angela. They have 5 grown children, two daughters and three sons, and 5 grandkids. Joe & Angie recently returned home to the Lake Country in Southernn Wisconsin after a 7 year season in Kansas City. Joe is a teacher, father, discipleship pioneer, and establishes foundations for healthy spiritual families in the Church. Joe nurtures faith communities through leadership development across the US and internationally.

He serves on the global leadership team of the 24-7 Communities Network which is the church planting and leadership development community of 24-7 Prayer.

Joe and Angie's family business, Stonecutter Arts is where you can find Angie's creative work or Joe's music recordings and more. 

Get Joe's most recent record - Tearing at the Stone

Joseph Steinke


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